Eddie Murphy, Field Trips, and Aliens


What do Eddie Murphy, zoos, and field trips all have in common?  Nothing–except for my weird dreams.  A few nights ago I dreamed that Eddie Murphy came to my house to help me plan a field trip to the zoo for my third grade class.  Why was I dreaming about Eddie Murphy, you may ask?  I don’t know.  I haven’t been watching Beverly Hills Cop or Shrek.  However, I have recently downloaded his 1985 hit “Party All the Time” off iTunes and added it to my running playlist.  You don’t remember this song?  Here–let me refresh your memory:



Nevermind that I was dreaming about Eddie Murphy.  I don’t even teach third grade anymore nor do I want to take a couple of busloads of kids to the zoo.  Field trips make me look like this:


Not an attractive look.

What makes us dream such strange things?  Usually I try to blame it on something I ate or drank before bed, but I’ve been trying to be a kind of very good girl and not eat anything after supper so an odd food choice was not to blame for my dream.  Some researchers believe that dreams are wish fulfillment–we dream about what we wish to happen.  Though this is true in some of my dreams (winning the lottery! having my family pick up after themselves!), field trips–no matter how well-behaved the kids are and how nice the weather turns out to be–are not really at the top of my bucket list.

My bad dreams usually have to do with snakes and falling from tall heights–both things that are real fears in my life.  Those dreams I can’t wait to wake up from as soon as possible.  But there are good dreams that the alarm clock rudely interrupts and therefore the alarm clock become my enemy.  Not just the dream where I win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes or the one where Adam Levine expresses his undying love for me and I have to break his heart because I am a happily married woman.  The dreams I want to hold onto are the ones where I see people I love that are no longer here.  The dreams where I get to talk to my Grandpa Golightley again and see him in his denim overalls.  The dream where I get to hold my Sam again and hear him giggle.  Those dreams are definitely the dreams of wish fulfillment.  Unfortunately those dreams are few and far between, but for nonetheless I am thankful.

So tonight when I go to sleep, my dreams await me.  What will I dream about tonight?  School?  Singing on American Idol? Bruno the Wonder Dog?  If there is one thing you can predict about your dreams, it’s that they are unpredictable.

By the way, did I mention that this dream about Eddie Murphy and the zoo field trip also involved alien spaceships?



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