Bravery in the Face of Adversity AKA The Day My iPhone Died


I run.  It’s not pretty and I go about as fast as a turtle through peanut butter, but I run.  There are a few things that are musts for me when I run:


1.  Gum.  I must have a piece of Bubble Yum to chomp on while running.  It helps me get my pace down and keeps my mouth from getting dry.

bubble yum


2.  Shades.  Sunglasses are a must so that the sun stays out of my eyes (duh!) and also so I don’t have to make eye contact with people (yes, I am weird that way).



3.  Music.  This is the most important item. If I don’t have my tunes to which to listen, then I have to listen to myself breathe and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the kiss of death when it comes to running for me.  If I hear myself wheezing and gasping for air (which is  exactly what I do–I told you my running wasn’t pretty), then I psyche myself out (I’m dying!  I must stop running NOW!) and the run. is. over.

Running playlist

Well, a couple of weeks ago I went for a run.  I recently started using the app “Map My Run” so I could get an accurate length and time of my runs.  So I turned on my running playlist and Map My Run and set out on my trek around the countryside.  I get about three miles into the run and suddenly my music stops between songs.  What?!  Thinking back to when I left home, I remembered that my iPhone was at about 25% power.  Could using the GPS on Map My Run combined with playing  my music cause my phone to come to a swift and sudden death?  More importantly, HOW was I going to finish my run with NO MUSIC????

I had two choices:  be brave and continue to run even though I had no more Enrique Iglesias convincing me that I Like How It Feels to run; or I could stop running immediately because heaven knows I don’t want to listen to myself gasp for breath for another two miles.  But the truth of the matter was that I was more than halfway through my run anyway, the weather was beautiful, and like Katy Perry, I was feeling like I had the eye of the tiger.  I had given birth four times, surely I could run a couple of miles without tunes, right?!

So with newly minted determination, I set out through the cemetery portion of my run (very peaceful place to run, by the way), using my Bubble Yum to help me focus myself on the task at hand.  I made it another mile or so when all of a sudden I hear “The Voice” of Map My Run telling me my time, pace and distance.    Upon further investigation I realized that (1) My phone was NOT dead, and (2) Apparently when I thought I had chosen “shuffle”  for my running playlist, I had not and therefore my playlist played through the last 10 songs or so of the playlist and then stopped.   I had been running and trying not to listen to my haggard gasps for air FOR NO GOOD REASON.  Smh.

I learned two important lessons from this experience:

1.  I might want to wear my eyeglasses next time I  hit “shuffle” on my music before setting out on my run.  (Darn those old people problems.)

2. When faced with adversity, adversity doesn’t back me into a corner.  Just give me some Bubble Yum, sunshine and blue skies and it will be like Chariots of Fire relived!

So what tunes do you have on YOUR playlist that keep you on the move?


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  1. Haha music is our fuel! By the way I like your playlist, some of my favourites are up there. You’ve got a good taste in music. 🙂

    I’ve never tried running with gum. Would probably end up choking on it…who knows might give it a try (the chewing, not the choking).


    • Thanks! Just a little advice about the gum…make sure it’s SUGARFREE. I tried running last week with the unsugarfree gum and about choked to death on all the sugar. True story. It wasn’t pretty. 🙂


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