The Bermuda Triangle of Greeting Cards



For those of my friends and family that have had a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new baby or other big occasion, but didn’t receive a greeting card from me–I really DID buy one.  Truly.  I spent an inordinate amount time in Target or Walmart perusing all of the cards to pick out the perfect one just for YOU.  However, once I purchased said card and brought it home, it disappeared.  Every.  Single.  Time.  It’s actually kind of frightening how often this occurs.

In fact, this phenomenon is a running joke within my family.  My husband likes to ask me on our wedding anniversary, his birthday, and Valentine’s Day, “So, love of my life, where’s my card?”  Unfortunately nine times out of ten, my answer is going to be, “Well, I DID buy you one, sweetie, but it seems to have taken residence in a place of unknown origin.”  He KNOWS he’s not going to get a card, and he’s okay with that because he loves me faults and all.

Two examples of this all-too-frequent happening occurred just recently.  A friend of mine from work experienced the joy of a new grandchild a couple of weeks ago.  I went to Target and bought the cutest little onesies with ducks on them along with a card that had a matching duck.   Too cute.  Seriously–I cringe from all the cuteness.  Anyway, I come home, put the onesies in a gift bag and reach for the card, and abracadabra, POOF—it’s gone!  That quick!  Harry Houdini couldn’t be that sleight of hand!

For Valentine’s Day I bought the hubster the perfect card–just enough humor thrown in with the all of the lovey-dovey stuff.  I think there was even a cat involved.  Perfect.  Of course, when it comes time to give said quintessential card to my beloved, can I find it?  Well, you know that answer to that question.  So, being the resourceful person I am, I made him a card with construction paper and glue stick complete with an original poem.  He was so impressed that he put it up on the refrigerator and it hangs there still today.  See?


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I didn’t buy my mom a Mother’s Day card.  You are probably asking yourself, what kind of daughter doesn’t get her own mother a Mother’s Day card?  Well, dear reader, the reason I didn’t buy her a card is because I already had one!  Sometime, somewhere the past few years, I had bought a Mother’s Day card and lost it, as is my mode of operation.  Well, lo and behold,  I FOUND it this year and kept hold of it long enough to actually give it to her!  SUCCESS!  Take THAT, O Great Bermuda Triangle of Greeting Cards!

I know that some of you OCD people are asking yourself, “Why doesn’t this horribly unorganized person just have a certain place where she could put greeting cards so that they can be found when needed?”  I have actually thought of this myself and I DO have a place in my roll-top desk for greeting cards, even in an organized fashion with a cute box with labeled dividers.  It doesn’t help–I am just a failure at giving greeting cards.  No wonder I don’t sleep at night.

I just keep telling myself the reason I keep misplacing all of these cards is because I am so busy with work, kids, all of their activities, etc.  I just know that in another 10 or 15 years when my kids are all gone and life slows down a bit, I will have time to be organized and all greeting cards will be given to the intended recipient in a timely manner.  And then I think, who am I kidding??  Oh well.  As they say, it’s the thought that counts, right?


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  1. I misplace EVERYTHING, don’t worry. And frankly, my mother would rather receive chocolate and wine than a card. So, don’t worry about what others are thinking of you, I’m sure you’re a wonderful daughter!


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