Episode 1 of Summer Camping 2014: Bruno and the Bicycles


We just returned from our first camping trip of Summer 2014.  No major catastrophes, but our family camping trips always make for some interesting stories.

Here are some highlights of our weekend:

1.  Bruno the Wonder Dog still gets carsick even after being given the veterinarian-prescribed Dramamine.  Luckily he was sitting in the backseat with 14yo Dear Daughter #2 when it happened and not with me.  The Hubster and I both agree that it was good practice for when DD#2 becomes a mother in another twenty years or so.  She did not concur.

Here’s a picture of Bruno enjoying a little window time (pre-vomitus):

Bruno Riding

2.  Bruno the Wonder Dog hates, I mean HATES, bicycles.  Big people bicycles, little people bicycles–it doesn’t matter.  He barks at them like they are evil incarnated.  Of course there were TONS of kids at the campground this weekend and every single one of them had a bicycle (maybe even TWO of them) and they all chose to ride their bikes past our campsite a few hundred times giving Bruno major dog-anxiety and us a major  headache and a great need to go shopping for a muzzle and tranquilizers (the muzzle for Bruno, the tranquilizers for us).


3.  We found that even when camping, you don’t have to miss the pro-basketball play-off game because there is likely to be a camping neighbor who has a big-screen TV set outside their RV and they don’t mind, in fact they ENCOURAGE, all fellow campers to come enjoy the game.  SCORE!

4.  On a sad note, as we drove the 1.5 hour drive to the lake, we discovered that our favorite Sonic that we usually stop at before or after our lake trips for refreshments is now closed.  (Insert VERY sad face.)  No more Happy Hour cherry limeades with pickle o’s and coney dogs for us.  Tragic.  Simply tragic.

pickle o's

Now, I’m off to do our camping laundry and check on Bruno because he is snoring and almost appears comatose.  He exhausted himself with all his incessant barking as he protected us from the villainous two-wheelers.  His chances of being invited on any future camping trips are being seriously reevaluated.

Camp on!


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