Preschool Ponderings


I work as a reading interventionist in an elementary school.  One of the perks of my position is that I get to work with preschoolers for about an hour each day.

If you have been around the 3- and 4-year old set, you know that they are a special breed of little people.  They are hilarious, constantly wavering between wanting to still be baby and a big kid at the same time, but most of all they are honest.  They have no filter–they just call it like they see it. They are either building you up or tearing you down.  No malice or hurt intended; they are just being candid about the situation.

Here’s a few preschool ponderings from the last school year:


Preschooler: Are you a grandma? 
Me: No, I’m not a grandma. 
Preschooler: Well, you look like a grandma.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.  So this is how they view me?

old lady


After finding out I have a son named Jack, a preschooler asked, “Does he have a beanstalk? Does he have golden egg?”

Sorry, small preschooler, I WISH he had a golden egg (or ten) because that would make the question of how we are going to pay for his upcoming college education null and void.


While doing diagnostic testing:

Me: You are sooo smart!
Preschooler: That’s because I have 27 brains and they all work at the same time.

Could I borrow one?  My one brain hasn’t worked at 100% capacity since I first gave birth a couple of decades ago.



From the mouth of a preschool boy to me: “I love your necklace. I love your shoes. Why, I just love everything you’ve got.”

Why, thank you.


Now, be truthful….do you have such fun conversations at your job?





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    • Here’s a piece of advice my mom gave me, and unfortunately I didn’t follow it very well. But try and jot down all of those cute things your little one says. You think you will remember them at the time, but our brains can only hold so much information!


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