Happy Birthday! Have some diabetes on a plate!

Happy Birthday! Have some diabetes on a plate!

Over the years I have always made my kids’ birthday cakes except for two occasions. I didn’t make one for my oldest daughter’s third birthday because I had just given birth to her younger brother four days prior.  Slacker, I am. I also didn’t make one for her 16th birthday bash because I wanted a picture of her put on the cake and I’m not quite so cakefully savvy to accomplish that feat so I paid a bakery to do it.  But other than those two occasions, I’ve made over 50 cakes for my kids.  (I know, give me a medal, right?)

Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday and for cake inspiration I went to the source that all crafty people get their ideas from these days–Pinterest.  I wanted something cute, but not too difficult.  That’s when I came to this beauty–the Kit Kat Cake.




I could make THIS!  Layer cake, frosting, M&Ms, and Kit Kats.  Fool proof! So yesterday morning I assembled the VERY sugary confection (after sending the son on an emergency trip to the store for more Kit Kats) and this is what transpired:




Voila!  Diabetes on a plate!  The daughter was thrilled, it tasted great, and we all quickly succumbed to sugar comas.  I mean seriously…I don’t even want to try to calculate how many calories and grams of  sugar and fat were in that monstrosity or how many miles I’m going to have to run today to burn it off.  But it was soooo worth it.

It appears that not all bakers have success with the Kit Kat cake as documented by these Pinterest failures I found:


kit kat fail 3


kit kat fail


But as that old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.


As I was looking through Pinterest, I also found other Kit Kat cakes for various occasions:


kit kat cake misc


Apparently there’s  no limit to what one can do with some Kit Kats and frosting!  Who knew?!


What craftiness have you cooked up recently?



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