Episode 2 of Summer Camping 2014: Bruno and the Boat

Episode 2 of Summer Camping 2014:  Bruno and the Boat

For Father’s Day, the father in our household wished to go camping.  Our first train of thought was to leave Bruno the Wonder Dog at home because of his questionable behavior the last time we went camping.   Our son was not going with us because he had lifeguard duties at the city pool, so I had outlined all Bruno-related duties for him to take care while we were gone.

But the father decided at the last minute that Bruno needed to go with us.  The daughter and I were not keen on this idea since we were still traumatized from all of the barking and travel-induced vomiting that we experienced with Bruno on the last trip.  However, apparently the father’s one vote trumped our two votes (he must be using that “new math”), and Bruno was added to the itinerary.

Much to our glee and surprise, Bruno did not experience any car sickness on the way to the lake.  Hooray!  And, even though the campground was at capacity, there were far less kids with bicycles from which Bruno had to protect us with his ever-present barking.  Hallelujah!

Bruno had a great camping trip.  He helped us play Uno by making sure the cards didn’t blow off the picnic table:

Marti's iPhone pics June 2014 106


We took lots of walks for him to explore all the new scents and scenery:

Marti's iPhone pics June 2014 098

Bruno loved the feel of the breeze against his ears as we took a drive:

Marti's iPhone pics June 2014 095

Here is Captain Bruno on his maiden voyage on the USS Caffeinated Ginger:

Marti's iPhone pics June 2014 119

 I think that someone has been watching too much Titanic:

Bruno Titanic

All in all, it was a much more pleasant trip except for running out of gas on the boat and almost dying as we crashed into the rocks.  Oh, and there was that huge thunderstorm that swept through camp the first night and drenched everything we forgot to bring inside.  Then, of course, there is the fact that Bruno did “toss his cookies” on the way home and had to be hustled into the house for an immediate after-camping bath.

But, hey, no trip can be remembered without a few “stories,” right?

Marti's iPhone pics June 2014 113

Happy Camping!



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  1. Bruno, Bruno, Bruno! What an awesome little dude you are – puke and all! I LOVE this post and the Fab doggie pics. Man, we could have used him in Italy a few weeks back… The Uno cards were all OVER the place!


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