We came, we saw, we conquered–Kansas City!


Mr. Caffeinated Ginger and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week.  I know you are thinking, “What?!  There is no way that young thing could possibly have been married 27 years!  Twenty-six years, maybe…but 27?  No way!!”

It’s true.  I was young when we married.  I was like 10 years old or something like that, so I really am not old.  Did you hear me? I am not old.

Now that we got that out of the way, I will tell you that the hubster and I took a weekend away from Bruno the Wonder Dog, the cats, and the teenagers.  Brave souls, we are.  We headed to Kansas City to enjoy a weekend of KC Royals baseball, shopping, and barbecue.

Our first stop was Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Que.  Oh my goodness–that stuff was perfected by the barbecue gods–I kid you not!  We ordered way too much food, and then proceeded to finish most of it, which made us miserable and begging for Maalox, but it was soooo worth it!  I highly recommend it if you are in the KC area.

Then (drumroll, please) we went to The Mecca–Nebraska Furniture Mart.

June 2014 Kaw Lake and KC Trip 014

If you are not familiar with this granddaddy of all furniture stores, you may think, “Hey, seen one furniture store, seen them all.”  Umm, no.  No, no, no, no, you haven’t.  This place is HUGE.  Seriously–I don’t know how many football fields big this place is but it is unbelievable.  There is every sort of furniture available as well as the lamps, occasional tables, and art to go with it.  Plus appliances. And electronics.  And because it basically takes you hours and even days to mosey through the store, there are places for sustenance such as See’s Candy and Quizno’s Sandwiches so you can keep up your strength to find that perfect furniture ensemble or to keep you alive because you are lost and can’t find your way out of the store.

We had recently given our basement family room furniture to our oldest daughter who currently is rooming with two friends while attending college. So my mission was to find as perfect TV-watching- in-front-of-the-fire furniture as I could find.  The amount of choices in such a store can be truly overwhelming.  I drug the hubster around the store for so long that he finally admitted defeat and found a comfy couch to sit upon and check his work e-mails while I kept up the hunt for the elusive furniture.  FINALLY, after a two-hour search, I made up my mind and ordered a furniture set centered around this beauty:

June 2014 Kaw Lake and KC Trip 018


A chair with an ottoman!  Is this not the perfect sit-in-front-of-the-fire-while-reading-a-book-with-Bruno-and-a-cat-on-my-lap chair??

Furniture shopping was now checked off our to-do list, so we headed to Legends for some retail therapy and then onto the Mariott near Country Club Plaza.  The Plaza has some good dining options, but I already had one picked out–The Cheesecake Factory AKA Nirvana for the Taste Buds.  I’ll be right up front though–I don’t really go for the food.  My mode of operation when it pertains to TCF is to order an appetizer so I can appear to be eating a balanced meal to the naked eye, however, I am really only there for the tropical iced tea and the cheesecake.  True confessions, people.

June 2014 Kaw Lake and KC Trip 032


We shared a piece of the Kahlua Cocoa Coffee cheesecake and it didn’t disappoint.  The hubster was too full from eating his meal (rookie!), so I had to finish most of the cheesecake by myself.  Too bad, so sad.

The next day we went to see the Kansas City Royals play some good old American baseball.  It was college day at the game and the featured college was one of my favorites–Wichita State University.  I am a big college basketball fan and the WSU Shockers have been shocking the nation the past couple of years with their skills.  When we drove into the parking lot, I caught sight of one of their team’s starters, Ron Baker, enjoying some tailgating with his family. My youngest daughter (not me!) has a big crush on this boy, so of course I had to snap a picture:

June 2014 Kaw Lake and KC Trip 033


Ron Baker and his teammates Tekele Cotton and Fred VanFleet threw the ceremonial first pitch of the game.


The Royals have a great ball park–very clean and family friendly.  The Mariners ended up winning the game, but we (and my toes) had a great time anyway.

June 2014 Kaw Lake and KC Trip 042


That night after eating dinner at a cute little sidewalk cafe on the Plaza and doing some interesting people-watching, we somehow ended up back at the Cheesecake Factory and ordered the Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate cheesecake.  I would show you a picture of that scrumptious delicacy, but we ate it too fast for me to snap its portrait.

On Sunday we spent money at Cabela’s and some more at Legends before going back to Nebraska Furniture Mart to pick up our furniture.  The cool chair I ordered was not in stock  and was going to have to be delivered to our house in a couple of weeks, which was probably a good thing because I think our truck ended up at capacity.

June 2014 Kaw Lake and KC Trip 049


We made it home with everything intact, the teenagers and pets were all alive and well, and the house was still standing.  What more could we want?

Blessed, we are.


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  1. The best part of your writings is I can actually ‘hear you’ telling this story! When you write your book some day, I want an autographed copy!


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