Doggie Drama: The Excavation of Bruno


We had a slight doggie emergency at the Caffeinated Ginger house this week.

On Sunday we came home from church and I opened the patio door to let Bruno into the house.  Usually Bruno hears us drive into the garage and is waiting impatiently at the door for his humans to let him inside.

I opened the door–no Bruno.

I called his name.  I heard the jingle-jangle of the tags on his collar, but still no sight of him.

I stepped onto the deck and called his name a second time.  Once again, I didn’t see him but I heard him–under the deck.

Ruh roh, Raggy.

Our deck was built fairly low to the ground and over an existing concrete patio.  Somehow Bruno the Wonder Dog had weaseled his way under the deck and was now stuck.  Although dachshunds are famous for their digging and burrowing, even Bruno couldn’t use his mighty front paws to excavate himself from the predicament in which he had placed himself.




Is that not the most pitiful face you’ve ever seen?

The hubster decided to partially dismantle the deck to remove Bruno from the labyrinth.


However, the screws had different ideas and refused to come out of the wood.

So while the hubster went in the house to stew for a moment over Bruno’s bad decision-making and come up with another plan (which I think involved a jack hammer), our son was able to get Bruno to move to a slightly different area of the underdeck and very delicately maneuvered Bruno out from imprisonment.  My hero!

This blur is Bruno celebrating his newfound freedom.



Bruno was ecstatic to be set free and took a few laps around the yard before coming in the house to drink a gallon of water and then collapse on the floor for a well-deserved rest.


Exploring is exhausting, you know?

The next time we leave Bruno to his own devices in the backyard, I’m going to leave him with a headlamp so he can hopefully find his own way out without us having to make major construction changes to the house.  I found this cool PupLight on Amazon that should do the trick.



What mischief have your pets gotten themselves into lately?


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