Just say NO to driver’s education!


This is a Public Service Announcement for those parents who have kids that are reaching driving age:


Don’t let your kids take driver’s ed!


I know this goes against everything you’ve ever believed, but trust me on this one–you will thank me one day.

Why shouldn’t my child take driver’s ed, you may ask.  The reason is they will always be correcting the way you drive. Forever and always.  Once they take driver’s education, they are now the driving experts.  It doesn’t matter if you have 30+ more years of driving experience on them; they know best.

“You didn’t come to a full and complete stop.”

“I don’t think you checked your blind spot before changing lanes.”

“You really need to stay further back from the vehicle in front of you.”

“You are supposed to use your blinker when you pull out from a parking lot onto the street.”


These are just a few of the derogatory comments that I’ve heard since my youngest child recently finished driver’s education. These comments are not new to me because her siblings have also made these comments since they took driver’s education in the past few years.

When they make these comments, I keep gently reminding them that I started driving tractors on the farm when I was 11 and that I’ve never had an accident in my few decades of driving.  Well, at least I’ve never had an accident with another moving vehicle.  There was that time I hit a parked vehicle when exiting the church parking lot.  Of course, there is also that incident when I backed into my father-in-law’s brand-new truck when I was exiting my garage.  (Not one of my finer moments.) But those minor accidents don’t count, right?

I have to admit my three kids are pretty good drivers, so I guess driver’s education was beneficial.  There is also that fact the taking driver’s education also helps lower insurance rates which we all know is crazy high for young drivers.

But frankly after an afternoon of driving the youngsters around doing errands like I did recently, I would rather just teach them how to drive my way and pay the higher insurance rates than listen to my driving skills be continuously dissed.  My sanity would also be grateful.

drivers ed



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  1. Haha, oh dear. I must admit I was probably that know-it-all teen (weren’t we all?) making her parents crazy . . . and I’m probably still that way! I try to keep my backseat-driver tendencies to myself, but it’s tough. We do all believe we’re the superior drivers, eh? 😉


  2. HAHAHA this is awesome. Obviously we are a few years out from all this, but I can see how this would drive (pun intended) me insane when my daughter reaches driver’s ed age.


  3. If you want expert advice, just ask a teenager. 😀 I’ll never forget when my 13-year-old son tried to lecture me on the finer points of lane positioning for a left hand turn in London traffic. Seriously, kid? I’ve been driving – HOW LONG? and you’re still alive? And – THIS IS LONDON? Only 12 million other drivers on the road, so…. Kids. Sheesh. Honestly, I DO feel I am an above-average driver. Claims free for over 17 years. Yet today, I very nearly met my death on the M40 coming home. No joke. Someone sped up on my blind spot as I was changing lanes and I came within a whisker of causing a multicar pileup with a towtruck directly ahead, an 18-wheeled lorry on my tail, and this little white Seat dicing with death at 70 mph. It would not have been pretty.
    Good thing I had those driving lessons from my son…


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