I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

I am not ashamed to admit that I love to go thrift store shopping.  I love the thrill of finding new or almost-new items that cost me just a small fraction of what I would have paid for them at a regular retail store.  I have found all sorts of jewels–clothes, dishes, books, furniture that I repurposed, items for my classroom, Halloween costumes.  The possibilities of what you might find are endless.  As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Most of my family does not agree with this fascination of mine.  The hubster would rather go unclothed than put a piece of already-worn-by-someone-else clothing on his back.  When I want to make a stop at Goodwill and have one of my kids with me, they usually just opt to sit in the car and wait for me which means that I cannot spend the time that I would like to browsing the racks looking for those treasures that I know are waiting for me. Killjoys.

Yesterday I found myself alone doing errands and happened to be near my favorite Goodwill store.  My vehicle automatically pulled into the Goodwill’s parking lot as if a giant magnet was pulling my Trailblazer towards it like a bug zapper attracts mosquitoes.

Sometimes I can go to a thrift store and find nothing.  However, yesterday the stars happened to be in perfect alignment because I found a cartful of good buys that I just couldn’t resist.

I have lost some weight recently and a lot of my jeans and slacks don’t fit anymore. I found five (FIVE!) pairs of pants that I tried on that screamed “BUY ME!.”  I can’t resist clothes that scream, so of course I had to obey their orders.

One of my favorites is this pair of Lucky jeans that was normally $3.99, but it was half-off all orange tags on that day so they got to be mine all mine for only two bucks. They are already well-broken in and fit like a glove.  I think I’m in love. (See what I did there??)


I also bought a like-new pair of Levi’s, two pairs of Ann Taylor slacks in khaki and navy, and a pair of grey Gap slacks–each for $3.99.

I felt like I was stealing candy from a baby.

I also bought three shirts for $2.99 each.  This one didn’t look too attractive on the hanger, but I was smitten by it when I tried it on.  It was originally bought at Dillard’s which means someone paid wayyyy too much for it when it was new.


This is a Daisy Fuentes shirt that was originally bought at Kohl’s.  It has kind of a weird neckline, but I’m kind of weird, so we are a good match.



While perusing the store, I also snagged some kitchen items for our RV as well as some kids’ stuff that I’m going to put in my classroom prize box at school.

All of this for $33. Not a bad haul if I do say so myself.

Never been thrift shopping?  I challenge you to do so.  Not all thrift stores are equal–some are smelly (yuck!) and some contain mostly items that really should just be added to the landfill.  But there are definitely good thrift stores and secondhand shops that offer great bargains.

Let me know what gems you find!

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  1. I’ve scored some skirts and PJ pants in the past.. I usually find at least 1 shirt to spice up my wardrobe. Haven’t been lately but I’m starting to get that itch! XD. My bossom buddy and I tend to go to “The VV Boutique”.. More commonly known as “Value Village”. ;D


  2. Those are some great finds! I used to live in a small town in California with a main street FULL of awesome thrift shops! I’d find the best stuff, so cheaply, all the time. Around here it’s sadly slim pickings. I miss it!


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