Five things I want for my birthday but probably won’t get


My birthday is swiftly approaching and the husband is once again asking me for a birthday list.  For once I actually provided one for him, but he doesn’t seem too keen on any of my ideas.

1.  Baby Goat

I love most baby animals, but baby goats hold a special place in my heart.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t want a baby goat after watching this?

I keep telling Mr. Caffeinated Ginger that not only would we get a really cute pet if we had a baby goat, but we also would get free lawn mowing.  So far I am not swaying him to the goat side.

darth vader


2.  Lazy River

I can’t think of anything more relaxing than floating around in this lazy river during the dog days of summer.

lazy river


Add in a pool boy to routinely bring me cold drinks and I would be set.


3.  Basketball Court

I love college basketball.  My son plays high school basketball and much to my kids disbelief, I also was a basketball player when I was young.  This basketball court is a perfect blend between my love for the sport and one of my favorite teams.

ku basketball court


If that’s too much red and blue, I will also take a black and yellow court to represent my other favorite team–the Wichita State Shockers.  I’m not picky.


4.  Baby Lemur

If I can’t have a goat, I will take a lemur.  Lemurs are just the coolest animals ever.  I recently had a chance to feed lemurs at an animal park.



And I met this guy who was just hanging around:



What would be perfect is if I could have both a lemur and a baby goat, and then they could do this:


5.  The Jetsons’ Kitchen

Cooking meals is not my favorite activity.  I would like to say that it’s only because of the lack of time I have when I am working during the school year.  However, during the summer I also tend to make excuses to not cook.  “It’s too hot!” “No one’s ever home at the same time.”  “Didn’t I just feed you guys yesterday?”

To make this chore much more enjoyable and less time-demanding, I would like a kitchen like on The Jetsons.  Just push a button and boom! Dinner is served!

Jetsons Kitchen 2


So far my husband is just rolling his eyes when I show him “The List.”  I still have a few more days to work my magic.

What is the most unusual present you have asked for or received?



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