If Plan A doesn’t work…


Life rarely goes as planned–at least for me.

I teach Kids’ Church once a month at our small Christian church.  Recently it was my turn to teach and I had the perfect lesson with the perfect craft planned.  The kids were going. to. love. it.  I’m not always so well-prepared, so I was feeling quite smug about this feat.  (Smug feeling = Something is about to go amiss.)

We arrived at church and I went to the library where the copy machine is kept as I had to make copies for this awesome-never-to-be-replicated lesson.  As I walk into the room, a fellow teacher broke the news to me that the copier was not working.  Of course I–never to take anyone’s word for anything–go over to the copier and press a couple of buttons. Sure enough, the copier was giving the “Call for Service” message that makes copier users everywhere shudder and want to do this:

copier ball bat

I started to panic that my prize lesson was going to go to waste because the copier decided to take a day off.  But then I had an epiphany!  I decided that I would run home (one of the benefits of only living a few blocks from church) and make copies on my printer.  Proud of my problem-solving ability, I joyfully scurried home to implement Plan B and make the copies I needed.

Of course, life wanted to show me who was boss and it was obviously NOT me. As I’m making copies on the printer, it stops and gives the message that my printer ink is low and must be replaced before any further copying can take place. Seriously?!  Here I am, trying to do a good thing by teaching these kids and I am getting bullied by a bunch of office machines.

Admitting defeat and hanging my head in shame, I made my way back to the church building.  As I enter the building, there is a prayer in progress.  I listen as the man saying the prayer is asking God to help comfort and heal a childhood friend of mine who is in the hospital because she is currently ongoing some very serious, life-threatening health issues.

As I listen, Plan C comes to fruition.  The kids didn’t need the super-duper, can’t-be-beat lesson I originally planned. What we needed to do was to somehow encourage and alleviate some of this woman’s worry and pain.  So instead of amazing kids and parents alike with my Academy Award-winning lesson plan, I decided that our time would be much better spent by taking simple construction paper, markers, and stickers and having the kids create get well cards. Who wouldn’t smile when receiving such heartfelt thoughts as these?


I do believe that God had a message for me this day and that message is that it is not all about me.  I am not in control and that is okay. My Plan A is not his Plan A–He actually has something better in mind. So when Plan A falls apart, don’t fret!  There’s always Plan B, or M, or W…

plan a


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  1. Something very similar happened to me last week. A teacher for Bible class didn’t show. As I struggled for something for this class to do, I decided to let them make cards for a member that was given a bad prognosis with his cancer. The class was thrilled with it, but what I didn’t know was they hadn’t heard the news in the announcements and they didn’t know who this person was.
    I was going to stick all the cards in the mail but somehow got distracted and left them on the table. Sunday morning came around and the kids saw them on the table still and were quick to chastise me. Then our sick member walked through the door. I suggested the kids give it to him personally. They were leery at first but watching this giant man bend down and hug them, I knew it was a success. My own child came to me and told me that he was crying and this touched her deeply too.
    You are so correct when you say God has bigger plan! I wish I could remember this daily or bet yet hourly!


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