It’s my birthday and I’ll party like I want to!


Today is my birthday.  This picture was taken on my seventh birthday.  Do you think I could have stuck out my cheeks any further while I was blowing out the candles? Marti 7th bday I have always loved having a summer birthday.  However, I’ve had several people comment, especially when I was younger, how sad and unfortunate it was that I had a summer birthday because I missed out on celebrating my birthday at school.  My response was always, “Are you kidding me?!”

There are so many benefits to having a summer birthday.

1.  Summer is my favorite season and I thrive in the heat, so having a summer birthday is perfect.  Planning a party to be held outside?  Go right ahead!  No chance of snow in the forecast.  In fact, I don’t even remember it ever raining on my birthday. Want to have a swimming party?  Absolutely!  Hot and dry are synonymous with August in Kansas.  Get a new bike for your birthday?  You don’t have to wait until the snow and ice melt to ride that cool new two-wheeler.

Marti 6th bday

 My brothers and me with my new bike on my 6th birthday.  I’m not sure who is more excited–them or me.  Groovy clothes, eh?


2.  I always was able to have my birthday parties on my actual birthday. I didn’t have to wait until the weekend to celebrate with friends. Slumber party?  No problem! No one had to get up to get to school the next day.

3.  I didn’t have to go to school on my birthday.  While some people obviously felt sorry for me because I didn’t get to take cupcakes to school and have the whole class sing Happy Birthday to me, I always thought it was a much better deal to not have to go to school at all!  What better birthday present could there be than that?

4.  Now that I am all grown-up (although some people might argue that fact) and am a teacher, I still don’t have to go to school on my birthday. No school = No Work = A Happy Caffeinated Ginger.

Mr. CG, who also happens to have a summer birthday, and I felt so generous with our kids that we decided to bless all of them with summer birthdays, too. Spoiled, rotten kids.  Our summers are basically one long birthday party.  Feliz cumpleaños! pinata


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