Don’t go, Summer! I’m not done with you yet!


I have to go back to work next week. NEXT WEEK! Seriously–where DID the summer go? It seems like I was just packing up my classroom and skipping merrily out the door into the sunshine, and now it’s time to go back. That fact is really messing with my mojo, people.

I did have an enjoyable summer break, and a productive one at that. I repainted most of the interior of my house. I finally got something hung on the wall over the stairway after living in this house almost 11 years and the wall is so thankful it’s not naked anymore. I cleaned out cabinets, reorganized drawers, and even had the gumption to vacuum under my bed. (I’m embarrassed to disclose how long its been since THAT has happened.) I even planned and held the First Annual Caffeinated Ginger’s Gab and Grub Fest at my house for several of my girlfriends, which was fun indeed. However, there are some things I did NOT get done since the school doors closed near the end of May.

1. I did not train myself to become a morning runner.

I work out several times a week. I run, bike ride, and take a strength training class at the YMCA. But I do all of these things in the p.m. hours. I often don’t run until 8:30 or 9 p.m. at night when the temperature cools and the mosquitoes and toads come out to play.

My goal this summer was to train myself to become one of those irritating people who get their workout done before most people have had their first cup of coffee. My reasons for wanting to do this was because during the school year there are lots of activities in the afternoon and evening hours that interfere with my exercise time. Also, I’ve been wanting to do some races and most of those take place in the morning, so I wanted to train my body to know that no, it won’t keel over and die if it is put in motion before dusk.

I belong to a women runners’ forum on Facebook and I received wonderful advice from them about ways to train myself to get my run on early in the day. But it still didn’t happen. I really wanted to, but every morning the smell of coffee and the lure of enjoying lounging in my pj’s while reading the paper and watching the bird life in my backyard was just too much.

I am weak…so, so weak.

2. I did not get all of my library books read.

Every summer I have a long, tall list of books I want to read. I read for pleasure during the school year, too, but that time is regulated to only bedtime. During the summer, I have more time to read–on long car rides to vacation destinations, in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists for routine examinations, while sitting in my camping chair at the lake, and on my back deck with a glass of cold iced tea. But I still don’t get everything read. I have a huge stack of library books on my nightstand that I haven’t cracked open, plus several more on my Nook and Kindle  that I haven’t enjoyed. Some of those library books are going to have to be returned to library unread and that is exceedingly tragic.

book edit 2

3. I didn’t get that one drawer in the kitchen reorganized.

You know the drawer I’m talking about–we all have that one (if not two or three) drawer where it’s treacherous to put your hand inside because you never know if all your fingers will still be attached when you pull your hand back out. Well, it still looks like this:


It is perilous territory, indeed. With pizza cutters, pastry cutters and steak knives living in this drawer, I’m surprised all of our phalanges have survived. What can I say–we like to live dangerously.

4. I did not get Bruno trained to fetch me cups of coffee.

This was truly my biggest and most important goal of the summer.  Bruno and I spent lots of morning time on the back deck drinking coffee this summer.  Me in a chair, Bruno on my lap, and coffee in my hand.  Very comfy–until my coffee cup runs dry.  The perfect situation would be if someone would go fill up my coffee cup so I wouldn’t have to disturb this idyllic setting.  Since my kids are usually still in bed, this chore should fall to Bruno.  But being a dachshund, he is just a wee bit too short to reach the coffee pot.  The solution would be to build some sort of step system for him to use to reach the coffee and creamer.  I guess that will go on next summer’s to-do list.  Until then, Bruno can just look cute, which is what he does best.



Au revoir, summer!  Until next year…

goodbye summer


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