The Vet’s Office–Not a Place for the Soft-Hearted


Last Friday I had to take Oscar the Cat to the vet as he had been feeling unlike his usual catty self.  I don’t know about you, but taking a cat on a car ride anywhere, much less to the vet’s office, is not my idea of a good time–especially on a Friday afternoon. But I did what had to be done, stuck Oscar in the pet carrier, and proceeded to listen to him howl the entire 10-mile drive to the veterinarian.

Apparently everyone else in the free world decided that Friday afternoon was also a good time to have their pet see the vet.  The office was packed–all kinds of felines and canines were lined up to see the doctor.

As I was waiting, I heard wailing coming from one of the exam rooms.  At first I thought it was a dog howling.  But as it went on, I realized it was coming from a human.  It didn’t take me long to surmise that someone was having to say a final goodbye to their pet. So then I, being a soft-hearted animal-lover, started tearing up myself.  The crying went on and on from inside the exam room.  It was heartbreaking.  Several minutes later, a dad carrying their now deceased dog wrapped in a blanket was followed by his tear-stained teenage son and they left the vet office to go home and bury their furry family member.

After a little while, I was able to compose myself by watching the antics of some of the other pets in the waiting room. However, sadness descended again as a family of four brought in their grey-haired beagle, tears already on their faces as they stepped over the threshold of the vet office’s front door.  Out came my tissues again as I shed some sympathetic tears for their situation.

Saying goodbye to a pet is one the hardest things to do in this life. It doesn’t matter how you lose a pet–illness, accident or old age.  The grieving process is real.  The pain is intense.

If you’ve had a pet, you know that they are a member of your family. In fact, sometimes they are easier to love than your human family members because they love you so unconditionally. Pets forgive easily and are always glad to see you. At least dogs are always glad to see you. Cats, well, it depends on their mood and how hungry they are at the time.

cat happy to see you

Oscar the Cat will be fine, even though he was severely violated by having his temperature taken. He will get his revenge this next week, however, as we have to try to give him medication in pill AND liquid form. I might as well say goodbye to all the skin on my hands and forearms now. Leather gauntlets, anyone?


 Oscar the Cat


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