Dear Politicians


Dear Politicians,

Stop.  Just stop.

Stop what, you ask?

1.  Stop running a negative campaign.  Instead of slinging mud at your opponent, how about you tell us your plan on how to help our local, state or federal government? The more you diss your opponent, the more I’m thinking that (1) you yourself have something to hide, and/or (2) you really don’t have any idea what you can do for me. If you spent half as much time strategic planning on how to help with education, taxes, and medical care as you do on digging into your opponent’s past to find out he might have visited a strip club once several years ago when he was a young man, I might be more inclined to listen to you.

2. Stop robo-calling my home telephone and my cell phone. Please. I do not pay an inordinate amount of money each month on your behalf so that I can be deluged by calls at all times of day. I know that I can asked to be placed on the “Do Not Call List,” but unfortunately since your calls to me are not by a live person, I would have to listen to your entire recorded message before requesting to not be disturbed by you, but frankly, I don’t have time for that.

no time for that


I wonder if George could even fathom what is going on in the political world today.

george washington


Play nice, people.  Remember–the office that you are running for wasn’t created to boost your ego.  It was created to help the people.  Stop the smear campaigns and serve the people of which you are asking for votes.


An Irritated Taxpayer



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