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My name is Marti and I am a forty-something mom, wife and teacher from a small town located in the heart of America.  I love (not necessarily in this order) coffee, chocolate, camping, roller coasters, books, God, summer, coffee, my pets, road trips with the family, teaching, running (okay–that’s more of a love/hate thing), guacamole, baking cookies, and coffee.  I enjoy writing about ordinary life happenings with a bit of humor thrown in the mix.  If you can’t laugh about it, you’d have to cry and who wants to do that?!  Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. I keep telling people that when I die my veins will bleed caffeine. I like my coffee black. None of this latte capuchino stuff for me. And I am not choosy if it is instant or gourmet. If it’s coffee I will drink it. Years ago, when I was visiting Toronto, I was told by a Canadian that he couldn’t understand those who put sugar in their tea to sweeten it. Then they put lemon in their cup to sour it. They could save themselves a lot of trouble just by leaving it alone. That’s my coffee philosophy. Enjoy.


  2. I love Your About me page. I always read them just to get some personal info. Yours was Coffee. In Finland we love coffee very much. We have invented how to reuse and recycle empty coffee bags.

    If You do not mind, I give here the link to my post in which my wife guides You to make:

    Bags from empty coffee bags.

    Happy blogging!


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